David Jien (USA)

  1. RIDE OR DIE, 2010, color pencil, graphite, gouache on paper, 11x21.5in (27.9x54.6cm)
  2. THE WHO RIDERS, 2010, color pencil, graphite and goldleaf on paper, 14x25in (35.6x63.5cm)
  3. YELLOW FEVER, 2010, 12.5 x 19.5 Inches, Color pencil, gouache, graphite and gold leaf on paper
  4. HURRAH 4 US!, 2011, color pencil, graphite and gouache on paper, 11x20.5in (27.9x52.1cm)
  5. BREAKERS, SHAKERS AND TAKERS, 2011, color pencil, graphite, silverleaf and holographic film on paper, 14x22.5in (35.6x57.2cm)

David Jien’s art takes visitors into a world filled with adventure, danger and sex. Old-fashioned romance simmers beneath the surfaces of the 30-year-old’s super-cool drawings, suffusing their action-packed dramas with unexpected tenderness. Artist’s works on paper tell his life story — not literally, like so much of the self-infatuated navel-gazing that digital technology makes possible, but with a more generous, user-friendly mix of poetic license, youthful excess, dreamy passion and labor-intensive devotion. Jien treats the facts of his biography — first-generation Taiwanese American, veteran tagger who spent time in jail and recent art school graduate — as raw material for the fantastic stories that unfold in his pictures. Inspired by such disparate sources as Nintendo, Persian miniatures, Chinese scrolls, Homer, Chaucer, Stanley Kubrick, Roald Dahl, Henry Darger and Trenton Doyle Hancock, Jien’s art brings far-flung elements into a form-savvy epic that is familiar and formidable and a thrill to get lost in. (see more: David Pagel reviews David Jien’s “The Plight of the Who” at Richard Heller Gallery)

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late 50s, happily married later in life, generally optimistic (but with the occasional deeply dark mood), eager to explore all forms of artistic expression, published 3 fantasy novels as a young man (2 of which were horribly overwritten), introverted with a few close friends but much more out of my shell these days :)



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